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The Concept of WORLD SCAN PROJECT, Inc.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

A long time ago, earth created nature

and civilization harmonizes with natures blessing

But in recent decades, we have been destroying our home

our mission is to be a storyteller for our future

We are world scan project

our motherland is beautiful and enormous

Hundreds of grand sites exist in our world

we capture landscape and architecture data

with advance drone technology

and recreate them in 3d space in a high-quality format

VR technologies can also take us back in time

making it possible to reveal the earth

in its original form

and AR technology will change our perspective

Cooperating with archaeologists

we will explore and reveal the unknown mysteries of the earth

protecting natures ecosystems

and also facing the global warming problem

our digital archive activities

will tell a story to the world

and make a bright future

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