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A robot that cleans the surface of a solar panel with a soft nylon rotating brush and sprinkler watering. The cleaning speed is eight times that of human power work. Water consumption is one-eighth of the human power work. 1MW mega solar will be cleaned in two days. We aim to ensure access to modern energy that is cheap, reliable and sustainable for all people.


The market size of solar power generation Japan's amount of solar power will be 50GW in 2017. The government is expected to double to 100 GW by 2030. The world's solar power generation will be 4004 GW in 2017. It is expected to reach 3000GW by 2030.

As global warming prevention efforts expand, we will solve the problem of making solar panels more efficient and sustainable through robot technology. The solar bot cleans the solar panels by moving smoothly at 3 to 5 kilometers per hour while the soft nylon brush rotates 20 revolutions per second. The amount of water consumed is about one-eighth of what is consumed by hand. For example, cleaning 150MW requires less water consumption than about 3 million liters by hand.

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